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Our offer….

As our client you are entitled to professional support by our specialists should production problems arise. With this service you will be able to solve your problems fast and sustainable, which will increase the efficiency of your plant on a short term basis.

The information you receive is based on our long termed experience as specialists in container glass production.

How can we help....

In general we can help you with all types of typical production problems which are caused by wrong or adverse specific production parameters. These may be:

  • insufficient quality of raw materials

  • inappropriate batch or glass composition

  • inappropriate furnace operation

  • wrong forehearths temperatures

  • inappropriate settings oft he IS machines

  • inappropriate mould temperatures

  • wrong dimension of cooling

  • inappropriate blank profiles

  • inappropriate quality standards

How cooperation works….

A production problem occurs and you are not able to fix the problem sufficiently on your own.

By means of diverse question lists, which are available on our home page, you describe your problem. Additional pictures or drawings may be necessary.

Within the shortest possible time we compare your parameters with our experience values and provide you with individual and fast realizable proposals to optimize the situation.

Additional phone conversations may be necessary for acquiring further information and/or for discussing the problem directly with your experts.

The preconditions for a successful cooperation….

After contract verification your plant is visited by one of our specialists to gather basic information about your technical equipment and the conditions of your production environment.

All important parameters, which influence efficiency and quality, will be listed in a data sheet provided by us.

Once a year an additional visit of our specialist will take place. During this visit technical changes will be captured and problems will be discussed with your experts.

What are your advantages provided by our Online-Production Service….

  • Fast, uncomplicated support during production problems.

  • Continuous improvement of operating results.

  • Total access to a wide range of technically up to date, western European know how of container glass production.

  • Low cost

Should you be interested, we would be glad to submit a contract offer individually tailored to meet your requirements and wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you may have any further questions.

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